A Creativescape ・ Adventures in Style by Nancy Morris

Meet Nancy


Passion can be defined as excitement, enthusiasm, and delight, adjectives describe my ardor for creativity and all that inspirers. Color and design are integral parts of my nature.  I am always inspired from numerous sources and love to create a design theme for a wedding, a party or any type of event. As an accomplished floral designer I enjoy incorporating floral design into any particular theme.

Today I offer ideas for creating beautiful scapes whether interiors, tabletops or event venues, weddings and other festive occasions. Nature’s panoramic expression is a scape all to its own and I love to photograph its boundless beauty

At a young age I became enamored with anything and everything that had to do with design. I pursued interior design and art education through high school and college. I wore many hats as I continued my design education along with enjoying being a wife and mother and an ambitious small business owner, always more than one iron in the fire! I am intent on design and the creation process, the content, color, texture and how the design relates and contrasts to the environment.

My floral and design accessory business has been a journey. I began my professional career creating dried arrangements and selling custom orders and educating my clients in design with dried floral workshops. I learned the art of fresh floral from Every Blooming Thing Floral in Salt Lake City. The expertise gleaned from this experience was priceless. My husband transferred repeatedly and my business ventures expanded as trends in design evolved. San Diego continued my floral career, then back home to Seattle return for five years. Next stop, Columbus Ohio and a retail location created called Baa Naa Moo, an adorable shop wonderfully creative and fun. Ahead of its time the shop did not produce the revenue needed and I closed the doors and continued my career in design and floral at Hills Market Floral. Of course I always have a design project underway at home as well for holidays, parties and general floral display.

Life is joy and compassion for people and their interests and concerns. The glass is always half full is my mantra and I look to others creativity and inspiration as an integral part of universal energy.  We are all here on God’s green earth enjoying His blessings. What beauty I can bring another through my own creativity is a purpose to which I am called.  Enjoy the moments with me through my blog of beauty to behold.  Scapes of whatever form are escapes into God’s wonder to be enjoyed and cherished.

Now back in Seattle, I’m HOME!!  I will be concentrating on business as usual, offering inspiration on my blog aCreativescape.com. Goals are already in place to develop a studio where scaping and creating design for others enjoyment are my daily exercises in creativity.