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September 2013



It’s Fall Again!

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It's Fall Again 2

Fall is here!!!! Expressing itself through all the wonders of nature, from the beautiful foliage and crackling leaves, wind blowing and pumpkin patches inviting visitors.  I get excited for fall, it is my favorite season of all.  I get fall “fever” where some people get “spring fever”.   This is a wonderful time to come inside and create an ambiance in your home that speaks beautiful fall.

A table scape is a great place in the home to start with fall decorating.  In this scape I have utilized artificial accessories to create the collection of items that speak to fall.  One of my new found items is to utilize paper from Papyrus as the backdrop and color inspiration for the scape.

Its Fall Again

Birds are a great addition to any scape and the rustic iron birds here are no exception.  They affirm an element of fall, a different texture but still staying in the color aspect of the table scape.  It is always exciting to add a bit of sparkle to the table fare.  Here I have added a cute little sparkle pumpkin that adds just the right touch to the fall expression.

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